The Pin-Down Girl


The Pin-Down Girl is a feature film about the raucous early days of ladies wrestling.

Story by Ruth Leitman
Screenplay Written by Ruth Leitman & Katharine Clark Gray
Directed by Ruth Leitman

During the years that I was making the feature documentary Lipstick & Dynamite, I was writing a fiction feature screenplay about the world of the renegade women who I had become so close to. Meeting with all of the last remaining golden girls of the mat and those close to them, I have become a bit of an expert in a subculture that was fast becoming extinct. Twelve years later, the screenplay is complete and ready to make. I could not be more proud of this project. As a whole, it is my small contribution to preserving one small piece of women’s proto-feminist history.

Logline: The Pin-Down Girl is the pulpy Technicolor 1950’s girl-done-wrong story of sixteen year-old Delia Rae, looking for a future brighter and a way out. The glam and glitzy rebel world of ladies wrestling catches Delia’s eye. Will sequined robes and flying mares pave the road to fame and freedom, or is Delia just trading one low down, dead end world for another?

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