Wildwood, NJ

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This film takes you down the shore with an all-women crew to Wildwood, NJ, the last great American blue-collar seaside carnival town. Wildwood, NJ moves beyond gum-cracking, big hair, and press-on nails to look into the souls of women raised on the boardwalks rides, lights and come-ons.

Grandmothers and go-go girls; girls who work as vampires in boardwalk haunted houses. Tween girls stretching out on their first trip without their parents: young, rangy a little drunk on Bud, dukes up, nose open, with a couppla’ bucks to burn.

A Wildwood honeymoon, virginity lost to a boardwalk stranger, fistfights, madness, babies—and no matter what—returning to Wildwood year after year as they grow up and grow old.

This film was shot in 1994 on Super-8 film and synched frame by frame in the early days of non-linear editing.

  • Color
  • Super-8 Film
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
  • Stereo
  • Not Rated
  • Original Release 1994; DVD 2009
  • Running time: 60:00


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